Lobby Art Gallery

Supporting NYC’s Art Scene

Art is a vital component of our identity here at The OUT Hotel, informing much of our vision; we proudly support the city’s thriving art scene. Our lobby art gallery showcases a collection of work from New York’s most daring graffiti artists, RIBS and Gouch. The gallery is open to visitors seven days a week, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and no reservation is required.

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Artist Bios


Born in the Bronx and raised in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, Robin "RIBS" Padro has used graffiti as a means of expressing himself from an early age. His tag is derived from a nickname given to him in middle school. RIBS’ exposure to the prevalence of graffiti on countless subway cars and streets encouraged him to begin his own artistic journey, and in 1990 he created his first mural. From then on, he knew that a life as a graffiti artist was the path he wanted to pursue. Over 25 years later, he is still creating graffiti pieces and countless other forms of art. Although he still paints many graffiti murals, RIBS has expanded his work to include art on canvas and wood cut installations.

RIBS has made a name for himself, both on the streets and in the more conventional art world. He has been featured in several published books, including "Fresh Paint NYC" and "Burning of New York", as well as many magazines. His passion for art led him to study Graphic Design and Advertising at The School of Technology & Design. His experience in logo and graphic design for various clients also led to the establishment of a silk screening business with his childhood friend and first graffiti partner over 15 years ago.

RIBS has traveled to many places and has painted alongside other great artists and at many graffiti events, including "Under Pressure" in Canada, "Express Your Skills" in Puerto Rico, and "The Burning of Kingston", which he and his teammates have won for two consecutive years.

RIBS created the name CLASSICK, from which was born a conceptual project featuring seven prolific Brooklyn graffiti artists, showcasing and selling their work online. A massive gallery event was held to coincide with the launch of the CLASSICK website. RIBS played a key role in crafting the wood cut throwie installation, which was one of the main highlights of the event.

While his art has appeared in several gallery shows, he has noted that painting on walls remains what truly drives him. Currently, his focal point is expanding on his artistic abilities through canvas, wood cut installations, and other media.


Gouch was born and raised in Park Slope, Brooklyn. In the 1990s he was influenced by local artists in Park Slope and the surrounding areas of south Brooklyn; as a teenager, he and his family relocated to Flatbush, Brooklyn, where he had a second affiliation with graffiti via a more rough and tumble league of writers.

In 2000, Gouch started a prolific campaign throughout Brooklyn, covering the walls of empty lots with large-scale black and white blockbusters (straight letters); he maintained his appetite for stylized tags and throw-ups throughout, however.

Studying graphic design at the School of Visual Arts enhanced Gouch's sensibility of typography, expanding his knowledge of lettering. He explored traditional forms of graphic art, but graffiti lettering hand styles often found their way into his graphic design work.

In 2011, Gouch entered the graffiti art gallery world with two other artists. They formed the "ArtOfficialFlavor" collective and showcased their work in the Keeley gallery on the Bowery in NYC.

In 2013, Gouch was featured in a book on graffiti penmanship. The book, titled "Flip The Script", analyzed the alphabets of influential graffiti artists. A gallery book release party was held with the book's contributors' artwork at The Reed Space in the lower east side of Manhattan.

In 2015, Gouch was one of the founding members of the CLASSICK collective. Seven Brooklyn graffiti artists came together to launch an exclusive website showcasing the artists’ work. A gallery show was held at Van Zee Sign Co in Industry City, Sunset Park, Brooklyn to celebrate the launch of the website. Gouch organized and oversaw multiple parts of the CLASSICK project, including a very unique subway poster campaign.

Although Gouch will occasionally return to painting a wall with a blockbuster, he is currently focusing on expanding the CLASSICK roster and expressing his artistic abilities through canvas, frame work, and installations.